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Join the Movement

4 Mar

Now it’s your turn, readers! Seeing that you have gained so much knowledge from these posts regarding the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to best utilize it, it’s time to put it to use!  We know that this social media site is growing in users by the minute.  Also, their development team is always making improvements so that the users can get the most out of their experience.

It is completely free to join and takes less than a minute, all you need is an email.  So follow the link below to create your own account and become part of the Pinterest generation!

LINK:  Pinterest.com




Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

4 Mar

Why should all you marketers out there look to Pinterest as the next big arena to show off your businesses? WHY NOT!?

To begin, “from a marketing aspect, it doesn’t matter which network has the most users.. but which ones has the most users you can influence, and convert to buyers, visitors, etc.”  Pinterest is a very unique social media outlet because it gives you a very precise insight into your consumers wants.  Since the whole site is fueled by consumers pinning and repinning the products that they love, it gives your business a hands on market research tool that can be used to better satisfy their customers.

Best of all, your consumers can pin images straight from your company’s website which creates much more web traffic for your business’ web site and also exposes your products to many a much broader range of consumers. Lastly, when consumers see that their peers approve of certain products, it may make them more trusting of your brand in a way that your company wouldn’t be able to appeal to them otherwise.