The Pinning Generation

4 Mar

Pinterest is still a fairly young company but last year alone, 2012, Pinterest grew from 9 million to 40 million users.

While the user demographics are going to vary slightly depending on geographic location, it seems that no matter where you look, females are going to make up about 80% of users.


Also, the two largest age brackets of Pinterest users are 35-49 year olds and 25-34 year olds.  Additionally, over 75% of all Pinterest users are white, with Hispanics making up most of the remaining 25%. Here is a comparison of the main intrests between users in the United States versus the United Kingdom.


Keep an eye out for my next post about the growth of Pinterest as its own brand!


Pinning 101- The Basics

4 Mar

This post will give a quick tutorial of how to navigate Pinterest.

PIN- A pin is born from any image or video you see on the web.  If it is something you like, you use the PinIt Bookmarklet to post it right onto your personal board.  Also, you can upload photos straight from your own computer.  All pins can be repinned by other users.  They also will all link back to their original source.

BOARD- A board is the place where you manage all of your pins.  You can make several boards and organize them by topic.  Also, you can invite others to join in on viewing your pinboards!

FOLLOW- The follow button is how you manage which boards you follow. You can choose to follow all the boards that another users has or you can choose to just follow your favorite individual board.  And if later on you decide your not interested in the contents of that board, it is just as easy to Unfollow.

Here is link to a video tutorial that will give you a little more visual reference on how to use the basics of Pinterest:


Keep a look out for my next post detailing the demographics of Pinterest’s users.

All About Pinterest

4 Mar

As put best by the Pinterest team themselves, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.”  


Pinterest is a fast growing, photo-sharing social media site that allows users to build and maintain theme-based pinboards.  It allows users to browse other users photo boards and gain inspiration.  The site development began out of San Francisco, CA in 2009 by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. It is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and inventors.  The site was launched in March 2010 in a closed beta arena and began as an invite-only site.  It is now a site open to everyone!

Stay tuned for my next post about the basics of Pinterest.