Wanelo- Pinterest’s Rising Rival

4 Mar

Wanelo is a blend of both Pinterest and Fancy.  Its name stands for Want, Need, Love.  Their website sums it up as “a catalogue of  products organized by people.”  It is like Pinterest in the way that you have one single page where you can save product pictures that you like.  And like Fancy, you can buy most of the products, but not all; which is where it’s lacking in comparison.


Wanelo was founded in October of 2010. It has developed a steady user base and features “1.3 million products from 24,000 different stores since its launch.”  I believe it is on the rise to potentially become the next Pinterest.  It can learn from Pinterest and critique its own business model to best fit its consumers.  Currently, its biggest complaint from consumers is the difficult nature of purchasing from Wanelo.   Because, instead of purchasing straight through their site like Fancy, you are directed to other individual sites which then make you create an alternate account on their site to make a purchase. Right now it appears that that is their biggest hinderance but once they get all the kinks figured out, I’m sure they will only gain a bigger market share in the online shopping/ social media realms.


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